Less than Perfect


A Great Conversation

Singles have found that life alone is not always what they crave, but finding a partner can be the challenge of a lifetime. They want someone attractive, but they are not interested in being with someone requiring constant compliments. For those who are looking for a partner they can build a future with, a great conversation with a date might be what they really need. Sharing thoughts and ideas about life and their environment or careers is how people learn about each other, and those willing to share their deepest thoughts are often ready to take a big step into the arena of partnership.

Some dates will be exciting adventures that include physical activity, but there comes a time when couples need to talk about what is most important to each of them. They might have had a great deal of fun when learning to sky dive or ski, but failure to talk about the things that motivate them in life can be a sign they are not going to be more than good friends. A true partnership is about building a future as a couple, so those unwilling to discuss a future do not have a very good chance of creating one.

It might appear that two people talking about house types are boring, but the excitement they feel is an indicator they have an opportunity to build a relationship. They might not agree on everything, but the challenge is for them to find compromises.

Considering another person’s needs is a key feature of a good relationship, and each person involved should feel excited when they come up with a good solution that fits both of them. Being able to have a good conversation that helps them define their lives together is one way to measure their future success as a team for life.