Less than Perfect


Finding the Flaws

For those only interested in dating perfect people, disappointment is likely to be their lot in life. They could find a person with the perfect looks, but their personality might be too far away from normal to accommodate them. A person able to provide interesting ideas and good conversation could be less than ideal when viewed. Finding the flaws in another person is normal when couples date, but learning to live with them is what makes a successful relationship.

There exists the possibility that there is at least one perfect person somewhere in the world, but looking for them could take a lifetime. For those unwilling to wait, learning to live with another person’s flaws could be the answer to their relationship search. While not all flaws are easily visible, it takes a person willing to understand and accept another person for their positive attributes to be able to create a relationship.

Physical perfection is easily acquired today, and it may take only one or two visits to a plastic surgeon to accomplish it. While it would seem a small matter, there is the aspect of personal taste. Not all potential mates like the same thing, and guessing what will attract another person could present a problem. Making adjustments surgically might not be the best answer, and it should really be considered by those who feel they want to look better for themselves instead of someone else.

The road to the perfect romance is a long and winding one that can take years before the journey ends in a committed relationship. For those seeking perfection, finding the right person should focus on their personality and ability to be a true partner. Flaws come in many areas of life, but those with an almost perfect personality are often easier to live with over the years. Physical beauty is nice, but it can be added if necessary at a later date.