Less than Perfect


Meeting at the Library

Bookworms have long been an underestimated group, and many people find them boring. They see them collectively as brainy people who wear glasses, and they often believe they are interested in esoteric science or the minutiae of life. When forced to speak to them in other areas of society, they may stumble through a few phrases and beat a hasty departure, or they could simply pretend they have not noticed that person. Singles looking for someone interesting could be ignoring an entire category of people with a variety of interests, and they might even find they are not quite as boring as common tales tell.

There are many reasons to go to the library today, and not all of them include dedicated research. Some people have found the lecturers libraries sometimes host are interesting, and they can learn a lot. Other people are seeking a specific recipe they have not been able to find online, and it is generally because it is in a book hundreds of years old. Others prefer reading for relaxation, and they have yet to convert to reading on an electronic device. Free loan of books is a big draw for them.

Singles with any of these interests may spend a great deal of time at their local library, and they might even have visiting privileges all around the area. They meet other people there with their own interests, and they often share tips on good books to read. Looking for companionship at the library could be a boon for even those not of a scholarly bent, and they might be pleasantly surprised to find they will be welcomed with open arms.

It can be difficult to find the right person, but a willingness to look in even the odd nooks and crannies of the local library could yield the perfect mate. While thoughts of dating a bookworm can be intimidating, the results might just be a lifetime of happiness as a couple.