Less than Perfect


Perfectly Nice person

Few singles hunting for a mate will ever say they are ready to settle for someone ugly, and many of them focus too much on looks. Instead of seeing with their eyes, they might consider seeing with their feelings. While not every potential date is going to look beautiful at all times, plenty of perfectly nice people are out there just waiting for a chance to be recognized for who they are instead of how they look.

Nice people are often dropped from consideration by singles simply because of their looks, but their personality is often what a person seeking a mate for life will be able to truly appreciate. These are the people who organize a sympathy card for someone from the office who have had a tragedy strike, or they are the ones who organize showers for babies and weddings for those around them. They focus on others instead of their own lives.

Often dismissed out of contention, these are the people who care about others deeply. They have loving hearts, but only the serendipity factor seems to work when they are looking for someone to love. Their generosity goes far beyond that of people who spend a great deal of time thinking only about how people look, and they can be quite interesting once someone gets to know them. They do not waste time sitting at home, ensuring their teeth are whitened every night, their hair is oiled, or their skin is exfoliated on a regular basis.

Nice people have plenty of depth to their personalities, and their thoughtfulness is often a natural attribute. While they might not be the icing on the cake, they are the rich and fulfilling layer underneath it all. Garnering their attention and time could be the best investment a single person could make.