Less than Perfect


Quiet and Content

Singles are often looking in every corner of their life for a partner, but many of them will pass over a person who is quiet and content. While they might actually notice them, they could believe the other person is contained within their life and needs no one else. It is a mistake to believe this, so taking a closer look might be a good idea for someone seeking a life partner. They could find the quiet person they thought was happy being single is also searching for someone of their own.

The state of being single is not always one people enjoy, but there are a few individuals in the world who are content with their life. They believe that they will eventually find the right person, and they see little reason to be in a hurry. Life will bring them what they need, and they are relaxed as they wait for their fate to arrive.

Contentment is often difficult to achieve, and those who have reached that goal can weather life with fewer concerns than many others. They still have the same goals in life as others, but they tend to be confident success will eventually find them. When it comes to relationships, they are not willing to push the envelope just to have a date on a regular basis. Their ideal is to wait until the right person comes along before they make an investment in an emotional attachment.

Those who have found this type of balance in their life are often found by the person they seek, and they move into a relationship with ease. Their lack of concern about their future relationship provides them with a chance to let the other person into their emotional realm. As time passes for the couple, they will both be able to find happiness together.