Less than Perfect


The Serendipity Factor

For those who are single, life is often about finding the perfect partner to enhance their life. They might not be looking for someone dowdy or loud, and many of them are actually seeking someone more in the line of a model. They believe their perfect mate will be physically beautiful, and they also seem to think that looks will translate into being kind and competent. There might be few people getting married and having children if it were not for the serendipity factor.

Being out in the world means meeting many different people, but most of them are not in the category of being available for dates. Many people seem to eliminate everyone unavailable for them in several different ways, and they include married people, those who are not sexually compatible, and those who do not measure up to their idea of beauty. It can take out the vast majority of the human race if they are very particular.

One of the reasons people still end up happily married and raising a family is the serendipity factor. Those who are single might be holding out for a model, but along the way they will meet plenty of others. They might not originally be attracted to that smartest person in their arena, but getting to know them can create a spark of attraction. It is this factor that accounts for many people getting together, so it should be appreciated as a way to keep the human race from dying out.

Beauty is often said to be nothing more than the frosting on the cake, and those who eventually see through it will often find they have been passing up the best part of many people. Maturity often helps with their discovery that the true beauty of a person lies deep inside them.